Mike Rock is a multi-disciplinary Dubai based branding creative who specialises in creating impactful brand identities and design communications.

I create, explore design logos amazing surprising yet natural solutions to complex problems ensuring each client’s objectives  and have worked within a multitude of sectors, from fashion to finance. With every project, no matter what the sector, I aim to instill the same values of engagement, clarity, design rigor and exceptional quality.

I constantly aim to push boundaries in order to ignite passion within the client and their customers, embracING simplicity, creativity, difference and authenticity, and through this design collaboration, a unique value set is unlocked enabling the branding communications to achieve its potential.

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Selected Projects

Satori Identity mikerock - branding - design mikerock - branding - design
Client: Satori
Services: Branding, Design, Concept

EP Blast
EP Blast Identity mikerock - branding - design mikerock - branding - design

EP Blast surface solutions is a mobile service surface blasting company.

Client: EP Blast
Date: August 1, 2016
Services: Branding and Design

Abdulla Salem
Abdulla Salem mikerock - branding - design mikerock - branding - design

Abdulla Salem is a multi-faceted brand targeted at both corporate finance and men’s fashion. Within the Brand Abdulla-Salem, on the “corporate side” the aim was to arrive at a forward thinking modern identity, which delivered individuality and a professional approach,maintaining an air of approachability.

While Brand Abdulla Salem – “fashion” presents a lifestyle experience for the fun, sporty and spontaneous gentlemen who appreciates quality.The identity for Brand – Abdulla Salem is one that is classic, versatile yet playful. The logo mark relates to the brand name and the monogram of a classic “A” and a casual slab/san serif “S” coming together seamlessly creating one form, Brand – Abdulla Salem.

Client: Abdulla Salem
Services: Branding, Design & Print

12Blues Maldives Hotels and Resorts
brand design Maldives mikerock - branding - design mikerock - branding - design
Client: 12Blues Hotels and Resorts
Website: 12blues.com
Date: 2015-01-10
Services: Branding, Design, print


dec 2010 - today
Creative Director at Lindemann Rock
Dubai, UAE
apr 2007 - dec 2010
Senior Designer at Fogo
Dubai, UAE
sep 1999 - apr 2007
Designer at tmh
Dubai, UAE
Jun 1999 - Sep 2000
Designer at sms creative
Slough, United Kingdom