About Mike Rock

I am a UK born designer based in Dubai that specialises in crafting impactful brand identities and marketing communications. I have worked within a multitude of sectors, ranging from fashion to finance.

With every project, you work with a human who instills the same values of engagement, clarity, and quality, no matter the sector or budget yet also understands and appreciates the unique nature of the challenges and issues that your business is facing on a day to day basis and thus constantly aims to push boundaries and ignite passion within each client and their customers.



Brand Audit
Marketing Audit
Market Research
Competitor Audit


Website Design
Website Development
Content Management Systems


Brand Identities
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Personality / Tone
Logo Design


Graphic Design
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Over 20 years of experience working inside a wide range of different industries and marketplaces has allowed me to develop a broad perspective of what a business needs and how it can benefit from strategically applied design and creativity.


My Process

With every project being different, my approach
is carefully considered, thoroughly researched
and approached uniquely, ensuring that innovative solutions are always produced, boundaries pushed
and individually tailored to the needs of each and every one of our clients.



Only by truly understanding your business and gaining
 insights into what makes you different, can I start to develop solutions to help you succeed.

Through research and conversation, I learn how your customers think, what powers their decision making process, what can make your business stand out from the competiton and how I can emphasise & nurture this differentiation.



Once we understand what will make your business
stand out, the next step we begin to develop a visual
language and the tools that will most clearly express
this differentiation. I draw inspiration from a extensive variety of relevant sources, in order to create a wide range of concepts.

At this stage I can afford the freedom to try new ideas and initiate discussion, testing and development, so the right solution for your business will can be developed.


The final stage of the process is Realisation. Designing
engaging solutions is worthless unless they are crafted with care and attention. With every project, I ensure that the final deliverables, be it a website, a logo or a brochure, are as stunning in reality as they are on the designer’s screen.

This achieved by applying meticulous attention to detail to all elements of the project, by working with the highest quality third parties and providing solutions 
to suit all budgets.  



Mike Rock creates authentic, culturally relevant brand identities and communications that drive positive customer experiences and create genuine emotional connections.

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